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REINFORCES & STRENGTHENS FABRICS - Supports fabrics for a professional finish! Great for any project that needs extra stiffness, while still staying supple.

PERFECT FOR DETAILED WORK - Our fusible fabric can be used for tailoring, dress-making, collars, embroidery, quilting, applique, buttons - anything that needs extra help retaining its shape!

EASY TO FUSE TO PROJECTS - Iron on for quick use on any iron-friendly fabrics! Just apply even pressure with a hot iron for a simple, quick bond! For more delicate, non-iron safe woven fabrics, we recommend our sew-in interfacing fabric.

KEEPS YOUR FABRICS FLEXIBLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT - No need to make your work feel like stiff cardboard, this fabric is perfect for keeping your projects flexible and easy to work with, while still providing support and structure.

Fusible Interfacing Light

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