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Sew Focus .... passionate ....creative..... fun.....! 

​ Sewing has been a life long passion of mine ..... my earliest memory was when I was 6 years old and wanted to make dolls clothes after watching my Nana sewing and mending everyday. I don't think I ever saw her wearing anything she hadn't made herself. Even her jumpers were hand knitted!

It wasn't long before I started designing and making my own clothing and was the envy of all my friends.

When I married and my 4 children came along I specialised in "made to measure" bridal wear from the comfort of my own home . I continued this for 18 years  and also began making dance costumes for my 2 daughters and  their calisthenics teams.

In 2003 I was fortunate to work at Spotlight Munno Para where I started developing my knowledge about sewing machines, fabrics, haberdashery and all things craft. 

I started teaching sewing and embroidery classes and found it extremely rewarding to help people learn new skills and create their own handmade projects. I love to learn new techniques and am constantly looking to expand my skills.

I eventually started my my own sewing studio offering a variety of classes and discovered  that sewing wasn't just functional..... it was very social and fun!


In June 2018 my grandmother passed away at the amazing age of 100 and my granddaughter asked me to teach her to sew after she received a toy sewing machine for Christmas.

I started to realise it was time to follow my dreams and immerse myself in my passion.

The opportunity to purchase Westside Sewing Centre was a dream come true.

All the stars aligned, and Sew Focus was born ..... A place to learn to sew, create and have fun.

I look forward to seeing you at Sew Focus soon 

love Kazz

It was during this stage of my life I was offered a position at Brother Australia and was very lucky to have had the opportunity to travel and develop  my knowledge of sewing machines and associated products  and learn lots of new skills.

While working with Brother I met so many beautiful, talented people, all brought together with the desire to sew and craft.


A new era begins

Sew Focus  was established by Karen Bigg following the retirement of  Westside Sewing Centre ( previously located at Woodville)

The very talented ladies Helga and Julie have joined Karen at Sew Focus to give friendly expert advice on your  machine and accessory purchases and entertain you with workshops and fun events .

Brother and Janome signs are being insta
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