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Sew Focus is touring Australia 

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We have purchased a caravan , set up a sewing space in the van and we are taking the business on the road.

Sew Focus will still have a physical store at our location at Albert Park in South Australia and it will be business as usual with classes and products available.

Julie, Helga, Tracy and Elizabeth will continue to assist you in our beautiful store :)

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I've been in the sewing industry for over 40 years and been sewing for over 50 years.

I have earnt an income from sewing one way or another since I was a teenager but I very rarely got a chance to sew for pleasure.

I opened my little sewing shop in 2019 and thought I would finally be able to sew for pleasure.

Six months after I opened my shop, Covid hit and business as we knew it changed. It was scary but I worked hard through the whole pandemic to keep the business afloat and thriving. Constantly working on ways to keep my customers motivated through very difficult times. I created a happy place for people to come to when they needed to lift their spirits and ignite their creativity.

At the beginning of 2022 I had a crazy idea. I wanted to take my services out to the community and share my passion for sewing and crafts. 

Sew Focus on Tour is the result.

We purchased a caravan in 2023 and made ourselves busy preparing to head off on our journey around Australia. We have set up a sewing space in the van so I can create lots of projects, try out new techniques and have some fun sewing.

Some of the items I make will be available to purchase at country markets throughout our beautiful country. 

As we go on our journey we will share tutorials, tips, tricks, my favourite products, places to visit, craft shop locations and whatever else takes my fancy. 

I'm planning demonstrations, pop up shops, private workshops and crafty get togethers throughout Australia with a focus on country towns. 

If you would like us to visit your town please reach out to us and we will mark your town in our list of destinations.

We would love you to follow our journey on You Tube! Please subscribe to our channel so you don't miss out on anything. Subscribing is free!

Let's all have some fun :) 

love Kazz x x x

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