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Vilene Decovil 1 Light, Lightweight Fusible Interlining With Leather-Like Handle, 90cm wide Per Metre

Decovil I is an iron-on interlining with a leather-like handle, produced on the basis of a special technology.

This product is not only tear-resistant, but also dimensionally stable and easy to shape. Furthermore it is resilient, resistant to bending, punchable and the cutting edges stay tight. Thereby the fixed fabrics are good to handle and very stable and durable.

Decovil I Light is the lighter and softer alternative to Decovil I. Nevertheless, it has the same varied properties.

Decovil I and Decovil I Light are ideally suited for the creation of handicrafts, hats, bags, belts and also for interior design.

Decovil I and Decovil Light are both washable and dry cleanable.

Decovil I Light: 45% CV, 30% PES, 25% PA

Sew  your fabrics to be as firm as canvas, but still feel like supple leather, Great for bags, crafting, doll making, slippers, book covers, etc. 

Decovil Light

1 Meter
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