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Air thread 2000D

Please contact us if you would like to order this machine. Due to the high level of recent scammers we are unable to process this online. We apologise for any inconvenience but we prefer the personal service.

The Air Thread 2000D Professional is our first air thread overlocker and the easiest Janome overlocker to thread. Janome’s push and blow type air threading system is an industry first. When threading the loopers, the thread is blown down the threading channel and through the eye of the looper. The needles are just as easy to thread, using the built-in needle threader which slides left and right, allowing the user to thread the required needle. Sewing speciality fabrics is a breeze, the 8-piece feed dog allows fabric to smoothly feed under the the sewing foot, plus grooves have been added to the sewing foot to help control challenging or slippery fabrics during stitching.  The 5-level foot pressure dial is located on the top left of the overlocker. Integrating the stitch length and differential dials makes for easy and perfect adjustment for the fabric being sewn, whether sewing stretch to lightweight woven fabric. Adjusting the cutting width or dropping the upper knife, is all easily accessed in the one place, open the front cover and just the turn of a dial lowers the upper knife, turn again to re-engage. Safety, is important, the overlocker will not operate if, any covers are open, the sewing foot is raised or if the air thread mechanism is engaged. Another industry first is two ball bearing on the main shaft which provide low torque, making this overlocker powerful and stable when operating, even at high speeds. All of these features are specially designed to make this overlocker the easiest to use on the market today.

Machine Features

  • 4 Spool Holder
  • weight 7.9kg
  • Flatbed Overlocking
    Size W374 x H280 x D284
  • Workspace 248 x 118
  • Maximum Speed 1300 spm
  • Standard HAx1-SP needle system
  • 1-2 needle
  • 2-3-4 Thread Overlocking
  • Length of Feed 1.0-5.0
  • Standard Stitch Length 3
  • Differential Feed ratio 0.5-2.0

Standard Accessories

  • 8pcs Feed dog
  • Upper knife opening of 9.5
  • Cutting Width 5.5-7.5 left needle 3.3-3.5 right needle
  • Presser Foot Pressure adjustment 5 levels
  • Snap on Feet
  • Built in Needle Threader
  • One Push Blast Air Threading System
  • White LED Lamp
  • Built In Spreader
  • Instructional DvD
  • Safety Feature – Will not operate when foot raised or cover open
  • Spare Upper Blade
  • Accessory Box
  • Dust Cover
  • Wire Looper Threader
  • 4 x Thread Netting
  • 4 x Large Spool Holders
  • Screwdrivers, large and small
  • Handheld needle Threader
  • Needles
  • Machine Oil
  • Lint Brush
  • Easy grip Tweezers
  • Nut Adjustment Tool

Janome Air thread 2000D Professional

$1,899.00 Regular Price
$1,799.00Sale Price
  • Janome 12 months mechanical and 5 year electronics

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